OccultTrash is a an alternative indie brand and small-business created and run by the award winning* illustrator and comic artist, Ai Valentine. His work is inspired by popular culture and the occult, and celebrates LGBTQ+ pride and Japanese street fashion.

Ai himself is a heavily tattooed & body-modded transgender non-binary person (pronouns: he/him), currently based in London with his partner Archie (he/him) and their pet ferret, Bear (he/him but I don't think he actually cares).

Archie, Ai & Bear

Responsible for all of the artwork, Ai also manufactures many of the items himself at home, including badges, stickers and tattoo sheets. He is also the person who will distress your t-shirt, should you buy one!

Archie is sometimes a stock assistant during busy periods (like Christmas) and always a fun character behind the table at conventions if you stop by the table.

Bear (unfortunately) cannot attend events but do know that if you buy a cropped t-shirt, he gets the off-cuts to snuggle in and stash in his den! 

Bear sleeping

OccultTrash is best known for the internationally published trans-femboy comic Bunny, and best selling zine Nihilist Bunnies, as well as Ai's signature range of Incubae, Succuboi & Succubae apparel and Femboy Hooters cosplay.

Incubae Outfit

Succuboi (Pink Outfit A)

Succuboi Purple Outfit

Succuboi Pink Outfit B

Femboy Hooters Cosplay

Ai started his creative journey studying Illustration at the University of Hertfordshire with a year abroad at Oita University, Japan, before setting up this business. OccultTrash has been running since 2017, beginning first on Etsy and at small alternative art fairs in London, before moving onto UK comic conventions and eventually this main-shop here in 2022!

His comic work has been published by many names, including (but not limited to) Discord Comics, Boston Comics Roundtable, Dirty Rotten Comics and Hellbound Media. His Bunny series was also exhibited in the Tate Modern's Inside Job Exhibition in 2018.

Bunny Comic Part 1

Bunny Comic Part 2

For live updates on current and new projects, new artworks and (most importantly) photos of Bear, consider following us on social media here.


*Batsford Prize 2016: Illustration Category, 2nd Place.